make beautiful solutions



awesome avatars

Over 20 api integrations with almost every unique avatar generator out there that we could find.


pretty placeholders

Need something to fill the gap of a company logo, product, or anything you can think of? We have lots to choose from here, we even have bacon.


inspiring icons

Need an SVG icon for your button? You’ll find over 7,000 FileMaker ready icons here!


old advance animations

Make your solutions come to life with SVG / GIF animated icons. Keep your users entertained on a shiny object while a script runs…


groovy gradients

over 300 gradient ideas to get you inspired. Easily recreate these in your own solution using the colors provided.


my philosophy


Design is important!

FileMaker solutions should not look like databases.

my goal is to give developers things that they can easily incorporate into their own solutions to add vibrancy, appeal, and ultimately better user experiences.

I have started off with some varied collections such as avatars, placeholders, icons and gradients.

my goal is to continue to build on elementals feature set and make this a useful tool in every developers toolkit.